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How angels can assist us in our Feng Shui practice and daily activities.

Angelic Feng Shui_Wena Brussaard

I recently experienced a unique contact with angelic energy. A beautiful, loving and healing energy that can help us to bring more balance into our lives. Angels are always there for us with good advice and a helping hand, and are very happy if they can help us. As I’ve noticed that the angelic energy may have such positive influence on us, I decided to pay more attention to this energy and even give it its own place in my Feng Shui practice. In this article I would like to share some of my experiences with combining angels into Feng Shui with you.

What are the angels?

To begin with, you should know what angels are. An angel is a pure spirit created by God. Some people think angels are the spirits of people who have died, and that we all become angels when we go to heaven. Such is not the case. The angels were God’s very first creation, and they are a separate species, spirits with no bodies and no ego. The English word “angel” comes from the Greek word ~angelos~, a word signifying, both in Hebrew and Greek the messenger. The matching Arabic word ~malak~ has the same meaning – messenger. And that’s what angels are, the messengers for God.

Every person has guardian angels. They’re assigned to us at birth and stay by our side, loving and guiding us, until we return ‘home’.

When we open ourselves to hear our angels’ messages, every aspect of our lives becomes more beautiful and peaceful. 

We have celebrated angels for centuries. They are featured in the Bible, Sumerian, Babylonian, Persian, Egyptian and Greek writings and art of all kinds. They’ve been around helping humanity, literally since time began. But don’t think that because they’re featured in religious books, they’re about religion. Angels assist all beings, with no distinction of religion.

How do angels work?

You just need to ask for assistance with any area of your life and if you do, the appropriate angel will immediately shine a light in that direction, enhancing your spiritual understanding and emotional clarity. You don’t even need to know the name of an angel for a specific task. But it is very important that you ask for help, for example …“angels help me with…” (ask clearly and specifically what you wish to happen). Without your specific consent angels are not allowed to interfere. After you ask and imagine handing all your cares to the angels, the angels will take your cares to the light of God, where the negativity will be transmuted to love and returned to you.

Signs from angels.

Angels communicate in subtle ways, using signs, symbols, numbers and daily events to convey messages which will be uniquely meaningful to us.

Seeing your Angels with your own eyes is possible. The way I see them is through a sparkle of white light out of the corner of my eye. That sparkle tells me that an angel is near. A feather that mysteriously appears from out of nowhere or repeatedly appearing numbers are also signals from angels. You may sense a warm brush across your face or body or feel a deep warmth flow through your chest and your heart. You might feel that the air pressure changes when angels enter a room or sense a beautiful flowery fragrance. When you’re in the nature and feel happy and free, you can be sure that angels are with you.

Types of angels.

There are different kinds of angels, each with their own unique role to play. Some only have the job of worshipping God, while others are the messengers between God and humans. Yet others are our protectors and some battle with dark (negative) energy.

One of my favorite angels is Archangel Michael who also happens to be the most powerful of all angels. This fiery Archangel represents passion and manifestation. The active male energy of Archangel Michael helps to manifest our greatest desires. Michael also plays the role of defeating evil forces. Call on him if you’re in fear and in need of some protection. When I’m walking my dog at night, I ask Michael to protect me and imagine a bubble of purple light around me. You can also ask AM and his team of angels to protect your home while you sleep or when you’re gone for holidays. Archangel Michael has a powerful, protective and purifying energy so he can cleanse your house of all negativity. Michael always assist me during my Feng Shui consultations giving me protection and ensuring me I leave my clients house filled with loving light and positivity.

Another beautiful angel is Archangel Raphael. Raphael supervises healers and healing for all Earth’s population. Ask him for help when you are in any kind of pain, whether it is physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual. His very soothing and loving emerald green energy will nurture you and heal all wounds.

Archangel Gabriel is known as the messenger of God and the bringer of good news and hope. He is the famous angel who told Mary of the birth of her son, Jesus. Gabriel is also the angel of writers and artists. When called upon, Gabriel will bring you inspiring messages to assist you in finding your highest calling. If your spiritual vision has been blocked, and you desire divine guidance call upon Archangel Gabriel.  He will lift up your spirit and help you feel connected with the Universal mind and flow . Gabriel also helps with child conception and fertility.

Archangel Uriël can help you listen to your body’s inner wisdom. He brings divine light into your life as he transforms painful memories and restores peace to your past. Whenever you feel you have lost your way, call on him and invite him into your life to assist you in becoming a master of your energies. Every time you lose focus in life, imagine Uriël’s ruby red essence surrounding you and giving emotional healing, bringing harmony and peace of mind to you, letting go of destructive emotions such as anxiety and anger that can prevent you from your inner wisdom.

Spiritual compass.

The 4 Archangels I’ve just mentioned also represent the cardinal directions:

  • 1. Archangel Michael (angel of the South)
  • 2. Archangel Raphael (angel of the East)
  • 3. Archangel Uriël (angel of the North)
  • 4. Archangel Gabriel (angel of the West)

If you know the directions they represent then you will also know how to solve many situation using the compass and the Archangels. You can activate or sit in the direction corresponding to the essence of the Archangel you wish to ask for assistance, to feel more connected with that angel. Also try to follow the natural rhythms of time in your daily routine. Knowing the cycles of time is like having a good compass. Invite Archangel Raphael every morning (the sun rises in the East) into your life for a good beginning of a new day and vitality for the rest of the day. Around lunch time connect with the Archangel Michael (sun is in its peak) for your active part of the day and in the evening with Gabriel (sun sets in the West) when you’re more relaxed. Finally, go to bed and ask Uriël (darkness of the North) to help you to process the day while you sleep.

Angel of Feng Shui.

That’s right! There is an angel devoted to Feng Shui – Archangel Jophiel (has a feminine energy). Her name means ‘beauty of God’. Archangel Jophiel helps us to manifest and create beauty and harmony in our daily lives. Her vibration allows you to access the beauty within yourself and your environment. Archangel Jophiel is a beautiful angel to work with when you need help with organizing your life. She may encourage you to get rid of clutter and anything that is no longer serving you and even inspire you to (re)decorate your rooms.

I have been working very closely with this Archangel while conducting my Feng Shui consultations. I am always open and receptive to her ideas. Working with Jophiel is like using a heavenly Feng Shui master! She’ll help me bringing more abundance and harmony into the space and to fill it with high energy items like plants, crystals and flowers. She is also a real expert in color co-ordination. Whenever I need to make color or furniture adjustments I just think of Jophiel and she will instantly put great ideas into my head. I don’t need to worry anymore about running out of ideas with this lovely Archangel by my side.

I remember being a child and starting changing things around my house every time I didn’t feel happy. Now I know it was Archangel Jophiel that was on a mission of reviving me into the decorating mood and into a happier person. Call upon Jophiel if your thoughts become negative, and she’ll instantly beautify your mind and space with positive thoughts and ideas how to create more beauty in your surroundings. Jophiel’s aura is pink so you can think of a rose quartz when you wish to connect with her essence.

I hope you have found this information interesting, it is only a brief look at how angels can assist us in our Feng Shui practice and daily activities.

I strongly encourage you to practice asking your angels for guidance. Open your heart and experience the wonders of divine intervention in your life. And prepare for a journey as you will learn and grow along the way!




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